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No matter where you are in your Kumite competition journey we have you covered. Kumite Coach is here to offer a way to develop yourself outside of your club coaching, help you reduce the cost of having to travel to get coached, and sabe you time and money in the process. Not only that but Kumite Coach can provide you with fight feedback via video analysis and give you a voice so you can decide what we film next.




Never before has anyone brought world class coaches and fighters together in this way. Kumite Coach offers you the opportunity to start developing your game under the best coaches int he world and match your technique against some of the worlds top and upcoming fighters.
You got lucky, this is a game changer.

We have some free resources from our zoom courses that will get you started and show you how we coach live, and we think you will enjoy the training too and gain some real value to your game.
Check out the RESOURCES below >>>
We have put together the perfect course to allow you to strip back your game and build strong foundations and good habits. I spent years trying to figure out certain aspects of fighting, my coach made things much clearer, faster and easier.
Techniques & Skills “Lockdown Course” is a progressive coaching programme that will take you every step of the way and allow you to reach the next level in your fighting.
You will develop accurately and quickly as you match your mat-time with the high definition video lessons we have created. This is your new training buddy, take us wherever you go, and progress faster than those around you with our secret formula that has produced National, International and World champions!

  • How to warm up properly and why

  • Develop fast twitch muscles and fast feet with our unique ladder drills

  • Discover our most successful and high scoring punching techniques

  • Kick like a pro with our 16 video coaching section, make sure you can put 3 points on the score board.

  • Develop your defence with our easy to understand blocking structures

  • Control the tatami, and your opponent with our footwork tactical drills


Watch the clips so you can see just how clear we have made it.

Warm Up

Ushiro geri

Uchi Uke

Jog Drill

Kumite Skills & Techniques ‘lockdown course’

We don’t want you to waste time or energy trying to figure anything out, this is tried and tested by our International Fighters and coached by British Olympic Coach Paul Newby and JKS National Coach Matt Price. Get 32 x Zoom training videos as a BONUS...


Read the guide that outlines KUMITE Coach and what we are creating for you…

Make sure to downloaded our free Kumite Coach eBook. It covered everything you need to know about advancing your fighting. You get instant access to 16 x free Zoom training videos.

16 x free Training Videos from our recent Live ZOOM webinar series…

Every month we run a free live Zoom training session. Join our community of fighters from around the world. Enjoy a selection of 16 x training videos...


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